We know it’s scary to allow someone to log in to your computer remotely, and we don’t recommend that you allow just anyone to do so, because you’re risking inviting a virus. We can do a lot of things remotely, but we offer remote support only to our current clients. It’s an issue of trust on both sides. You need to know us and we need to know you.

As satisfied clients we’ve previously serviced, we help remotely when certain issues crop up, or perform cleanup and maintenance services when needed. If you can get online, we can help!

You will need to call us in advance to schedule a Remote Service call, then download the remote software.


Because you've been a satisfied client, we have previously helped, we offer remote support in case you need:


Repair corrupted operating system files if needed


Optimize your system’s start-up to boot faster.


Optimize your system’s start-up to boot faster.

Once we do all this, your computer will run better than it did before. This is all part of our service to you.